First Episodes

October 20, 2021

Operation K9 Hero- DuWayne Schwartz

Enduring the Badge is a podcast series that explores the personal side of first responders. In this episode, me and DuWayne Schwartz from Operation K9 Hero talked about his and Tio's (his K9 therapy dog) mission on how they shed light on PTSD and mental health issues of first responders. This is a great episode for anyone interested in learning about how dogs can be used to help others cope with mental health issues. The power of dogs in healing has been around for centuries. Dogs like Tio (who you can see on picture here) and DuWayne Schwartz' K9 hero dog handler are there for you whether for therapy or just companionship; They will provide much more than protection but also bring great joy into someone’s life by simply being there.

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