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Chris Chandler-Yates


Chris is an American-Kiwi, who arrived in
NZ in 2004. He joined the NZ Police in 2011
and after a seven-year career, during which
time he protected The Rt Hon Sir John Key
(New Zealand's Prime Minister), he
experienced severe burnout that caused
him to leave the job he once loved.
After a journey of self-care, recovery, and
personal development, he's now hyper
passionate about helping officers take
charge of their mental health and
significantly reduce the chance of burnout.
He lives to ensure others learn to see
themselves so they don't go through the
pain he once experienced.

First Responders Peer Support, Dispatcher, Mental Health, Law Enforcement, PTSD

How To Get Through PTSD- Chris Chandler-Yates

Sept. 27, 2022

Chris is a qualified NLP practitioner and life coach. He’s passionate about making sure you don't burn out by learning your true internal purpose and identity so your life serves you instead of always serving it.. In 2017…