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Violet Rymshaw

CEO/Grant Writer and Nonprofit Consultant

Dr. Violet is a former emergency dispatcher. Her educational background has given her unique insight into psychological wellness related to occupational identity. She conducted her PsyD research with emergency dispatchers to hear their ideas for wellness, both on and off the job. She also assisted in a research project involving therapeutic SCUBA diving for first responders with PTSD. These experiences inspired her to focus her career on grant writing and funding support for 911 wellness. She launched Innovative Writing to assist military, veteran, and first responder-focused nonprofits, as well as individual emergency departments.

Dispatcher Grant Writer, Grant Writer

Changing Wellness For Those On The Frontline- Dr. Violet Rymshaw

March 28, 2023

Empowering dispatchers: Dr. Violet's grant assistance for better workplace wellness and career success