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Sept. 6, 2022

Habits Of Couples In Healthy Relationships- Jerry Dean Lund

Habits Of Couples In Healthy Relationships- Jerry Dean Lund

In this episode, we are going to be discussing the 10 habits most couples with a healthy relationship have. These habits are especially effective even with demands that are hindering our relationship and pulling us apart from our significant other. You will also be surprised as to how most of these habits are common sense and aren't actually hard to attain if we have dedication.


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Any of those three will work. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Welcome to this version of podcast shorts. And today I'm gonna talk to you about 10 habits of couples in healthy relationships. I know there's so many demands. On our relationships right now in the world, it seems like something is always trying to pull us apart or pull us apart by the time that we don't get to share with each other.

And I mean, by the demands that maybe our workplace is on us, our family's place on us. Kids sports and other activities that are constantly pulling us away from each other. But remember a healthy relationship has several commonalities and by adopting these successful relationships, habits that I'm gonna talk to you about, you can help ensure the future of your own relationship.

Many of these habits are common sense. But if you're like me, just because it's common sense, it doesn't mean you're always doing them as you should. So. We can make better choices by implementing these habits. And we do not want our relationships to fall into a routine. So I'm gonna go over these 10 relationship habits.

Number one, make bid decisions, jointly filling a sense of control over one's life. And future is important. If you make those big decisions on your own, you're gonna take away from your partner when they don't feel like they're able to be a part of making a big decision. Number two. Make forgiveness a way of life.

There are plenty of opportunities for forgiveness and the alternative is to hold a grudge, which leads to resentment and resentment is gonna lead to a toxic relationship. Let number three, share common interests. That's why you got together, right? You had common interests. You must have had a few of them right in the.

but then maybe they faded over time. So re reignite those common interests and that'll help you keep you closer together as a couple number four, practice acceptance. Everyone has their flaws. You undoubtedly have a few flaws and tendencies that get on your partner's nerve.  and it's hard enough to change your own habits and changing someone else's is even more challenging.

So you're gonna have to accept your partner as they are. Number five, make your partner feel loved. Each person feels love by different words and different actions. You might be working hard to make your partner feel special, but it's in an effective way. What makes your partner feel loved and make it a habit of doing those things?

They're generally pretty simple little things. If you know your partner in the least, little bit, you know what those are. Enjoy common activities separately. No one can satisfy a hundred percent of your needs, and it's not fair to have that expectation on your partner. Enjoy time out with your coworkers and your friends.

You gotta get away. You have to have that other interaction. Cuz when you get back together, it makes it even more special and intimate having that connection. Being away, share a bedtime. It's important to hit the sheets at the same time, several nights a week, snuggling together at the end of a long day is a great way to bond.

Even if you go to bed with your partner and then get back out of bed after they've fallen asleep, but just being there for them, you know, there's a lot of chemical reactions that take. During that time of snuggling super healthy for you, naps are another way to shift sleep schedules into a way that you can coincide with your partner.

If you have that opportunity. Communicate openly. No one should have to guess your feelings, opinions, or complaints. No one is a mind reader, right? None of us are mind readers and relationships. Be fair and speak up. You'll save yourself and your partner, a lot of grief. By speaking up and being fair with each other.

Number nine, share a vision of the future. Two people work together towards a common goal are more likely to stay together than two people on different paths, create a shared vision and work together to accomplish it. There's gonna be some ups and downs when you're looking at that vision and planning.

But together you can go through those ups and downs much easier, and actually those downs are gonna be a lot lower and you're gonna move through them a lot quicker. Number N trust rather than distrust. When you don't have a complete picture, do you lean toward trusting or distrusting your partner distrusting?

That hasn't been earned is like a poison to a relationship. Give your partner the benefit of a doubt. They will appreciate it. Create a trusting bond. Can stand the test of time works and it's effective when you set these habits, the little things matter. So take the time to examine your relationship habits and enhance them whenever you can.

A few minor change changes can mean the difference between your relationship, thriving and failing. So get started on those today. If you need more help, please reach out to me. A thriving relationship. Not only helps you at home, it helps at work and it helps you in every other aspect of your life. I hope you have a great day.

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