Episode #74: Making A Difference And Loving What You Do- Bree Johnson

In this episode, we have Bree Johnson. She's a third generation EMT. That means her mom, her dad, her cousin, and uncle have all been in fire and EMS, which is pretty impressive. Bree did not want to be an EMT when she's younger, but somehow, she was convinced. And that seems to be her calling. Bree is also working as a flight dispatcher and an ER tech. And if that wasn't enough, she's going to school to be a respiratory therapist. Let's dive down into the episode and listen to how Bree juggles all this stuff going on in her life. Plus has an amazing outlook on how to handle her mental health.

In this episode, we can learn:

👉 What it's like to be with a family of first responders;
👉 How to balance work, school, and personal life;
👉 How to build confidence in you and your patient while taking care of them;
👉 Mental health care is a must;
👉 First responders have limitations too;
👉 How to distinguish okay and not okay scenes in our job;


Bree Johnson
I am a current AEMT who has been working in EMS and in the hospital setting for six years now. I am a third generation EMT, following in the footsteps of my grandpa, mom, dad and even uncle! I am currently in school for respiratory therapy but plan to continue my EMS career even after school.