Episode #75: How Not Lose Yourself In Your Career- Annette Zapp

In this episode, we will have Annette zap. She's got 30 years in health and wellness. And she has been a firefighter for 18 years. She's going to tie all that experience up into this podcast and tell you how you can lead a healthier and better life as a first responder. She has got some great tips and wisdom.

In this episode, we can learn:

👉Why are departments falling so short when it comes to health and wellness;
👉Is it that expensive to have like a health and wellness coach for first responders;
👉Is there a particular workout for first responders;
👉Sleep can process trauma;
👉Do energy drinks exacerbate PTSD;
👉Why pure counseling is important;
👉Why is there a need to unravel our thoughts and emotions;
👉What are some avenues to help reduce that trauma other than sleep and nutrition;
👉Are younger people coming into the fire service more apt to get PTSD?
👉How should we look deeper into ourselves to see if that's who we are;
👉And many more!


Annette Zapp (AZ)

An 18-year veteran of the fire service, Zapp holds the rank of Lieutenant and owns Fire Rescue Wellness, a coaching business dedicated to elevating the mental and physical wellness of fire fighters worldwide. She earned a master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine and is credentialed as a National Strength and Conditioning Association CSCS and TSAC-F, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, a CSNS through the Society for Neurosports and a CISSN through the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Zapp, a former adjunct faculty at the University of Denver in the graduate program for Sport Coaching is a recognized industry leader in the field of firefighter health and wellness. A published author and highly sought-after public speaker and podcast guest, she also served on a 2019 Illinois Senate task force dedicated to mitigating first responder suicide.