June 18, 2020

100 lbs. weight loss journey by Firefighter/Paramedic Brooke Ames.

100 lbs. weight loss journey by Firefighter/Paramedic Brooke Ames.

Firefighter/Paramedic Brooke Ames from Wisconsin is a rookie firefighter who came from the corporate world where she worked as a project manager for a Fortune 200 company. She spent 5 years as a volunteer firefighter and EMT where she lost over 100 lbs. Brooke uses a simplistic tool from the corporate world called DMAC, which stands for define, measure, analyze, and continues improvement. She continues to use this tool in here everyday life to achieve success both at work and home. She secured the required certifications, passed the CPAT and secured a full time job as a career firefighter/paramedic in South Central Wisconsin. Passionate about continuous improvement and evidence based problem solving, Brooke brings to life the simplicity of successful corporate tools and translates them into the symbolic 451 F link to implore others to be better than yesterday.  

Brooke and her family reside in South Wayne, WI where she and her husband own a small farm. Brooke has a degree in Animal Science, is recently licensed as a paramedic, and is an avid gym goer. She holds technical certifications in Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space, and High Angle Ropes. The best place to follow Brooke is at www.instagram.com/miss_fit_hosedragger.

I apologize for the audio issues during the recording of this episode and appreciate Brooke's patience during this recording plus the few other times we tried. Looking forward to having her on the show again in the future.

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