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Much needed podcast!

This podcast is perfect, please keep up the great work! :)

Always on point!

You know you call it right some time! definitely first on the ye stuff!! you sounded a bit down on the new one but stay up' you keep me goin!

Great Podcast.

Friendly voices ang good tips. great to listen to while cleaning.


I love this program. i listen to it on my morning walk.i find the tone, the matter and the guests to be educational and factual.

Best Podcast

Thank you for your beautiful work. excellent.

Wonderful podcast

WoW! That's amazing, Incredible episodes for making relationships!

Must Listen!

Jerry is such a great host and brings so many topics that are beneficial to law enforcement and their families. Enduring the Badge is a must listen!

Tap in to the zeitgeist

Great podcast, fascinating guests, relevant topics, and professional sound.

Great Podcast!!

This podcast is fantastic!1 i learn so much from each episode, keep it coming jerry.

Love this podcast

I love this podcast. it's informative and captivating. you make every topic simple and easy to digest.


Friendly voices and good tips.great to listen to while cleaning!!


I already follow speech uncensored on instagram, so glad i can learn even more with this podcast!!

Love the show

Love this show, really good podcast be ready to learn.

Love this show

Love the Show, I listen daily, inspiration, motivational and helpful.

Love this podcast

Such a great podcast and has incredible health knowledge of the podcast. Jerry is professional.

New listener

Love this podcast. Love your voice.

new listener

lovely! I am loving this it sounds real and from the heart and has a lot of meaningful thoughts

Navy life

The podcast was awesome. As someone who typically keeps to himself, Jerry made the podcast feel like an everyday conversation. He is awesome at not making any conversation feel awkward or forced. These podcasts are real people talking g about real things that the average everyday person can relate to.

What an honor

This podcast is not only excellent and hosted by someone great, but is also needed in so many ways. For years, many of us stayed silent, and in that silence were buried stories. Now that we are sharing them we are able to heal and help others in their struggles by knowing that they are not alone. Keep doing what you do Jerry and thank you for having me on as a guest. Cheers!

You Can Have It All- Author & Coach Dawn Reeby

Jerry - What a pleasure! You did a great job asking real questions and sharing real vulnerabilities and solutions. So many in service (fire, law enforcement, etc.) suffer alone. We can take a more proactive approach to living our best lives. Thank you for being a voice for many!

Much needed

I love this podcast. So helpful and insightful 👏

Much needed

I love this podcast. So helpful and insightful 👏

I love the what this podcast aims to do. I am very grateful to be able to listen to my fellow neighbors and friends and community open up and share personal things so that I can understand better and appreciate them more. Especially the last couple years with all the chaos and all the headlines and being a civilian and having all these doubts and questions and concerns. I love that you all with the badge are willing to be vulnerable so that I can not be as ignorant . I applaud you.

First Responder Sleep

The first podcast I listened to on enduring the badge was on First Responder Sleep Recovery & at this point I realized this podcast was going to be a great resource for myself & to also share with others ♥️


Amazing podcast !! Love every thing it stands for !!

From IG

This page is truly becoming my favorite. So so SO many good podcasts and resources here! Thank you for what you do!

excellent interviewer

Jerry has such a calm demeanor, and that put me, as an interviewee at ease, making the conversation we had so easy. He has a wonderful array of guests on the show, each with a very helpful tool for first responders to learn from.

Great Podcast for anyone to listen too!

I was a guest on this podcast. The host Jerry D Lund is a friend of mine. I used the appearance as an opportunity to discuss the Silver Valley Fire Alliance. A non-profit organization for the volunteer fire departments in Southern California. In preparation for my appearance I listened to many of the previous episodes. I became a fan! Jerry does a wonderful job at digging into the underlying experiences first responders go through. I've listened to him draw out experiences from around our community. This helps to cope with calls that we deal with. I imagine it is entertaining for people who are not within our community as well. Big shout out to Jerry D Lund and Enduring the Badge podcast for the wonderful job in bringing light to some dark places.