Sept. 7, 2021

How Can I Conquer My Challenges

How Can I Conquer My Challenges



Our self talk is much more powerful than we tend to believe or realize the effects it's having on us. We often find ourselves with that negative chatter going on in our heads and sometimes spilling out of our mouths, but this can be harmful if not managed well.

Just like many other resilient First Responder, we all need to learn how not let self-doubt and negative thought patterns overcome our minds. To do this, I created some small script you can read below to help push through those moments of doubt and turn your thoughts into a positive manner:

I conquer my challenges.

I am able to overcome my challenges with ease. I vanquish all obstacles in my journey to happiness and fulfillment. I use the help from my friends and family to accomplish this. I also rely on my inner strength and courage to fight. 

I create goals that help me overcome any challenge. 

I use my talents and skills to plan strategies that destroy obstacles. I understand it takes several steps to eliminate a challenge. However, I am able to persevere. 

I rely on my brain power, experience, and support network to discover solutions that can conquer my challenges. 

I have the inner and outer strength to find success. I have the ability to make any challenge a distant memory. 

I believe I can achieve any goal in front of me. I know I have the power and strength to battle against any obstacle. I enjoy ongoing success and benefit from my accomplishments each day. 

I find the inspiration I need to see past my challenges.

I am strong enough today for what is in front of me. The physical challenges will come but they won't be as tough as my mental strength will allow them to be! My body has been working hard with millions upon millions of steps taken so far - now it's time for my mind work just as hard! Every day you are given 24 hours...make each one count towards something great!

Allow yourself to take a moment and visualize the end of your goal or struggle with all five of your senses. Use this visualization as an opportunity to lock in that vision for future use, ensuring it becomes reality.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What can I do to prevent more challenges from appearing in my life?

2. How can I balance overcoming challenges with a healthy lifestyle? 

3. Who can I reach out to for support as I fight a difficult challenge?

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