Oct. 28, 2021

How Journaling Can Benefit Your Self-Development

How Journaling Can Benefit Your Self-Development

Journaling is a remarkable way to supercharge your self-development efforts. When your thoughts are still in your mind, they can be challenging to analyze objectively. 

Getting things out of your head and down on paper provides a totally different perspective. 

Thinking tends to be very sequential; one thought leads to the next, which leads to the next. We get caught in a linear track and miss out on the bird's-eye view of the whole thought process. With journaling you gain the ability to see things from a third person view versus a first-person view. 

Three Great Benefits of Journaling

  1. Solve complex challenges. When you write the issue at hand down on paper, the solution for a complex challenge often suddenly becomes obvious. The ability to re-examine the issue from a third-person perspective can make all the difference.
  2. Increase clarity. One of the best times to lean on your journal is when you're filled with uncertainty about what action to take. Many things become clearer when you can get them down in writing.
  3. Validate your progress. Sometimes we feel like we're spinning our wheels and not making genuine progress. When you're feeling this way, go back and review your old journal entries. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you've made since then. And you’ll also probably realize that you're taking huge strides right now, too!

How to Start a Journal

You might envision creating a journal in one of those blank books you can pick up in the bookstore. Follow these tips to build a daily journaling habit

  • Start with two minutes.

If you’re having trouble setting aside time to journal, start with two minutes. Pull out your notebook and write for two minutes. If, after two minutes, you feel inspired to keep writing, then keep writing.

  • Build up over time.

 Over time, set aside more time (at least 5-10 minutes) for your daily journal practice. This way, you give yourself time to answer the journal prompts thoughtfully and work towards your success.

  • Set aside a regular time to journal.

Whether you journal in the morning or evening is less important. What’s more important is to set aside a consistent period during the day where you commit to pulling out your journal.

  • Practice self-compassion.

It’s okay if you forget to journal one day! Forgive yourself if you miss one day of journaling. At the same time, be cognizant that sometimes we avoid the things we need most.

  • Keep your journal with you.

Carry your journal with you so you can easily grab it when you want to write down something.

Get started with your journal today. It's an activity that has little to no cost but provides numerous benefits. You’ll see your clarity increase and have a much better sense of just how much progress you really are making in your life. Start journaling today and watch your self-development take on a new perspective. 

If you want a guide, you can get a FREE copy of my journal workbook called 7-day Journaling Notebook to Unleash Your Potential. It provides suggested topics on what to write for the day to organize your thoughts and journal. If you would like more information and topics, please email me at enduringthebadge@gmail.com.