Feb. 27, 2021

Dr Paul Gavoni, Author of the book 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership

Dr Paul Gavoni, Author of the book 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership

With more than 20 years in human services and public education, Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni has effectively transferred research to practice through the application of evidenced-based strategies aimed at bringing out the best in children and adults. Recognized by many as an authentic leader, Dr. Gavoni has provided organizations and athletes with Deliberate Coaching focused on analyzing and developing behavior and performance management systems to positively impact targeted goals.

An expert in human behavior, coaching, and organizational leadership, Dr. Gavoni has passionately and directly supported children and adults in a variety of environments such as businesses, private schools, group homes, secured facilities, day-treatment programs, alternative education facilities, and public schools. Within these settings, Dr. Gavoni has been fortunate enough to wear many hats including VP, COO, professor, counselor, professional developer, case manager, therapist, behavior analyst, project manager, clinical coordinator, and school administrator.

Beyond his work in education and human services, Coach "Paulie Gloves" is also a highly successful professional MMA coach. As a former golden gloves heavyweight champion, Paulie successfully applies the science of human behavior to coach multiple fighters to championship titles at varying levels worldwide. With many successful fighters on his resume, Paul has even supported his fighter with reaching the pinnacle of sport when he won and successfully defended the M-1 Global World Heavyweight Title for 3 years. Paulie is a writer for Bloody Elbow and is a featured coach in Ring to Cage: How four former boxers help mold MMA’s finest, and the book, Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Art.

A frequent presenter at professional conferences, Dr. Gavoni has presented across the country on topics related to coaching, leadership, professional development, and systems improvement in sports and education. Check out his #1 Best Seller Behavioral Karma Behavioral Karma: 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership https://www.amazon.com/dp/173525570X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_mDSjFbDGR26VW

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