June 16, 2021

Eliminator Fire Extinguisher Is A Life Saver

The Rusoh Eliminator is the First complete redesign of the Fire Extinguisher in over 65 Years. 

The Rusoh® Eliminator® fire extinguisher is designed for self-service. It eliminates the need for the specially trained and equipped licensed technician required for traditional extinguishers. That need is based on two concerns: 1) maintaining the stored pressure in the extinguisher at the 185-205 psi levels required to fight a fire and 2) maintaining the otherwise inaccessible agent chemical inside the extinguisher in a fluffed (fluid) state.
Concern 1: Correct Pressure: Unlike traditional pressure extinguishers, The Rusoh® Eliminator® fire extinguisher’s contents are not stored under pressure. The Rusoh® Eliminator® is only pressurized when you need it: to fight a fire. The source of the pressure is an expellant cartridge you can check with ease and even replace yourself. It simply screws in place.

Concern 2: Fluffed Agent: Maintaining the agent chemical inside the extinguisher in a fluid state is critical for both the Rusoh® Eliminator® and standard extinguishers. Fine particles in the chemical naturally compact and become dense, potentially making discharge ineffective and putting you and your business at risk.

Regulations for a standard extinguisher require a trained technician to periodically tear down extinguishers. The technician depressurizes the extinguisher, empties and replaces the chemical agent, and then re-pressurizes the unit.

In contrast, the Rusoh® Eliminator® extinguisher’s chemical agent is fully accessible to the user via the patented Rusoh® fluffing wheel located at the bottom of the extinguisher. The Rusoh® wheel eliminates the need for a technician. By periodically turning the fluffing wheel, you can yourself maintain the powder in a fluid state. The Rusoh® fluffing wheel is connected to an auger that fluffs the chemical, ensuring that the agent will flow freely when needed to put out a fire.

Here's a video overview of The Eliminator:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNU6EfdB2fo&t=9s 

The Rousseau Family, who have been in the Fire Extinguisher Service Business for 30+ years, tell of the tragic story which was their epiphany to begin this decade long journey. 

As you can imagine, the hurdles that were and still are being put up by the entrenched extinguisher manufacturers, service companies and manufacturers of generic extinguisher parts, gives testament to our mission to help save lives and protect property.

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