June 7, 2019

Fire Captain/Paramedic Chuck Shepherd looks back on his career with his girlfriend Misty.

Fire Captain/Paramedic Chuck Shepherd looks back on his career with his girlfriend Misty.

Fire Captain Chuck Shepherd has been a firefighter/paramedic for over 20 years in Utah. In this episode he reflects on the ups and downs during some of those difficult and dark times in his career.  During some of those times he felt alone and was unwilling to reach out to others for help. He learned a lot about his self going through those hard times. 

He shares some details about calls that he's had to respond on and how difficult it was to deal with what he had too see. One of those calls just happened to be with his now girlfriend Misty. Chuck wanted to protect her from what she was about to see. Misty shares why she just had to see the scene if she was going to be a firefighter/EMT. That terrible scene still lives in their memories and still effects them to this day.  Not all the memories are bad and he shares some of those as well. It's the save's and making a difference in peoples lives that call 911 that keep him going.

Chuck looks back over his lifetime and shares what really matters to him on and off the job. That number one thing is building meaningful relationships. You can definitely hear the love they have for each other during this episode. It was very touching to see how they looked at each other and talked to each other throughout the recording of the podcast. They have some great advice on how to keeping open and honest communication in relationships, even in the most difficult times.


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