Sept. 11, 2020

Firefighter Paul Clarke, The CEO Of Fire Grounds Coffee

Firefighter Paul Clarke, The CEO Of Fire Grounds Coffee

Hear from the CEO Paul Clarke on what makes Fire Grounds Coffee more that a coffee company and why they have teamed up with a non profit foundation called Next Rung. Paul tells his personal story about struggles with mental health and why coffee plays an important role in dealing with it. As an added bonus Paul gives us a little education about the different types of roasted coffee beans and why they taste they way they do.

Paul's idea came at 2 o'clock in the morning with sirens roaring and lights flashing as they arrived at a call riding the ambulance. It was the thirteenth call of the night, there was no sleep in sight, and only mediocre coffee waiting for them back at the station. They poised themselves for action and then someone interjected, “Someone should start a coffee company for first responders." His colleague quickly agreed, they unloaded and went on to their patient, and that was the end of the discussion.

The idea followed founder, Paul Clarke, to Iraq where he deployed in 2018 for 9 months. While serving overseas, he met fellow minded service members who wanted to help make his idea a reality. Brainstorming the business soon became one of their favorite pastimes. Over a year later, Fire Grounds Coffee Co. was officially established. Through the help of his best friend, dad, a fellow Marine Captain, and two Air Force Captains, he was able to gain the funding he needed to provide delicious, fresh coffee to first responders and friends.

Paul is a husband, father, Dallas Firefighter and Paramedic, an Officer in the Marine Corps Reserves, and an Iraq Veteran. When he isn’t roasting coffee, working at the fire station or at drill, he can be found working out, playing fetch with his dog, hanging out with his son in the sandbox or smoking his own barbeque. He loves being outside with his family and traveling with his wife.

Paul started Fire Grounds Coffee Co. because he wanted first responders to enjoy quality coffee and give back to a group of men and women he is proud to represent. The dream is becoming a reality and he is ready to deliver a product to everyone that represents his passion and commitment.

Paul Clarke (CEO and Founder) 214-718-0265

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