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May 10, 2019

How to care for your First Responder and yourself with Alia Bate.

How to care for your First Responder and yourself with Alia Bate.

Alia discusses daily impact on a firefighter's spouse and his family while on duty. Many First Responders tend work an incredible amount of hours compared to those working 8 to 5 schedule. Far to often a direct link between the hours worked by a First Reponder and the quality of relationships with loved ones. Being away from home for extended periods often create a divide in personal relationship outside of the work family. She has some great tips on taking for First Responder and taking care of yourself. Self care is import to for everyone but even more so for those that see so much trauma. We are unable to perform at our best when we are out of balance in what Alia describe as the 4 quadrants of life.  When one or more of these are out of balance we must engage in self care to fix it which take time. If we don't take the time for self care our bodies, mind, spirit and soul  will start to breakdown and which deeply effects our everyday lives. The more demands we put on our bodies the more we must up level out care to stay in balance.

Guest: Alia Bate

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