Nov. 22, 2022

How To Understand Your Trauma- Matt Quackenbush

How To Understand Your Trauma- Matt Quackenbush

The Finding Strength method is not your normal therapy process. Matt has crafted a unique and powerful method of therapy that has helped hundreds of people to heal and recover from their emotional wounds. He is certified as an expert clinician in an evidenced based model of therapy called Mind-Body Bridging. Matt has used my extensive knowledge of MBB and experience in using other modalities to create something truly unique and unbelievably effective. This individually crafted and incredible treatment model combines MBB with elements of Internal Family Systems, somatic therapies, EMDR, and the eastern practices of mindfulness to create a therapeutic method that is fast and extremely effective. This model can be used via Telehealth or in person. Matt's therapy style and model has proven time and time again to be very effective at treating the elements of trauma that are the root of problems like anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental and physical health struggles. 

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Hi everyone, and welcome to this week's episode of Enduring the Badge Podcast. I'm host Jerry Dean Lund, and I don't want you to miss an upcoming episode, so please hit that subscribe button. And while your phone's out, please do me a favor and give us a review on iTunes, our Apple podcast. It says, Hey, this podcast has a great message and we should send it out to more people.

So please take that 30 seconds to a minute to do that review and just maybe by doing that, it'll push this up into someone's podcast feed that really needs this message. Hey everyone, before we jump into this next. I want to talk to you about the two coaching programs I offer. I offer one on relationships, and I offer one on mindset.

The relationship program is very extensive and dives down deeply into your relationship so you can know what is making it great. And know what is not making it great and how to solve those problems. And I know it's very difficult these days, especially if we're just being moms and dads and running around in this crazy world.

Our relationships can go from thriving to barely surviving. And I know if you're like me, you want your relationship to last forever. My other program is on mindset. I want you to have the mindset that is going to help you discover your inner wisdom and motivation and is gonna cause you to grow to your truest potential.

That mindset is gonna make you successful, not just on the job, but off the. Where it's just as important to be successful, and that will create the life that you desire for a lifetime. My very special guest today is Matt Quackenbush. He's worked with first responders for over eight years now. He gets first responders.

He's going to talk to us about finding strength through our traumas, where our traumas come from, and how to deal with it. He's going to. Talk to you about how to get the best home life, work life, and fill the best yourself. And his goal is to get you to retirement in a healthy manner. Plus, enjoy retirement after.

Cuz the average first responders live just a few short years after retirement, sadly. Now, let's jump right into this episode. Doing great. How are you doing, Jerry? I'm doing great as well. Beau, beautiful morning in Utah. That's that. It is, man. It's gorgeous out here today, fall. Can't beat. Fall in Utah, right, right.

Probably when we release this though. It'll probably be in the middle of the snow. Squa. . Yeah. . Yep. Matt, introduce the audience to, so. I've been, uh, in the mental health kind of field for just over 15 years. Um, for the last about eight, I've been a clinician. And, uh, in those eight years I've kind of carved a niche out for myself, working with first responders and working with, um, trauma as a PTSD therapist kind of guy.

And it's, uh, been quite the adventure I've worked with Dear Hollow, um, for the last six, seven years. And I've worked with, um, as of late, most recently working with, uh, first watch. I've worked also with a bunch of other different treatment centers and stuff like that too. I do therapist trainings. I have a private practice.

I also have a podcast, . I'm a busy guy, , busy guy, but I have fun doing it. I really do. Yeah. Why did you carve out the niche into the first responder world? So, It's kind of funny, really. It just kind of like, we kind of, I guess we kind of found each other, I guess, . That's great. Right. You know. Yeah. I worked, um, I worked in substance abuse for quite some time and um, I just, Had this draw towards working with, um, military and first responders.

Actually, uh, you know, my grandfather was in the Navy, served in Korea. I grew up in a, in a home. It was, you know, it wasn't necessarily militaristic, but like the ideas of, you know, honor and, and being proud of who you are and like those values that come with like the military background, I've always ascribed to those and just felt like that was a part of who I.

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Matt Quackenbush


Matt Quackenbush, LCSW has nearly two decades of experience in the mental health arena. He is the owner and creator of Finding Strength and the Finding Strength Method, a cutting edge therapeutic treatment approach. As Deer Hollow Recovery's Director of Education and Trainings he travels the Nation with a team of fellow passionate healers, on a mission to educate all who are willing to listen that there is hope available to any who suffer from trauma. Using many different mediums to accomplish this aim, Matt is also the host of the critically acclaimed podcast the Finding Strength Podcast, available anywhere you get your podcasts. A Certified Mind-Body Bridging Therapist, specializing in a variety of evidenced based trauma treatment models including EMDR, Internal Family Systems, CPT, Psychodrama, and mindfulness. He is considered by many of his peers to be an expert in the field of trauma treatment with over 5000 hours of trauma focused therapy and countless reports of successful recovery from PTSD/PTSI. Matt’s mission is to help those who suffer to learn how to find strength and derive meaning from their past suffering, so they are able to heal themselves from the devastating effects of trauma better able to live happy, full lives. Contact Matt through his website