April 1, 2019

My own story of Enduring the badge for nearly 30 years and still going.

My own story of Enduring the badge for nearly 30 years and still going.

On this episode you will get to know me, your show host Jerry Dean Lund. I will be interviewed by my fiance Annie on my career as a firefighter and police officer.  There have been many lessons along the way including the one that changed my life when I grabbed a handful of pills bottles and wanted to commit suicide. I will discuss what the things were that lead up to feeling like there was nothing to live for and then how I was able to overcome these thoughts.  Over the last few years I have done the deep work to look at myself and rediscovered my passion for being a First Responder. 

My personal philosophy and why it the guides me through my life: 

Committed to supporting  others in living up to their greatest potential, uplift, and assist in self-discovery, creating true connections, and personal growth through personal coaching.

My Vision Statement:

Dedicated to creating personal insight, discovery of inner wisdom, motivation, and growth to empower people to reach their true potential.

This is a 2 part episode  and you will want to listen to them both. 


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