Feb. 7, 2023

PTSD 911 Documentary Film- Director Conrad Weaver

PTSD 911 Documentary Film- Director Conrad Weaver

Conrad Weaver is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced the film PTSD 911. It's a fantastic film.

Conrad has done some sensational things in his life, but this quote by Conrad is my favorite. He claims that telling stories that matter is far more fulfilling than telling stories that entertain. He believes that his responsibility to the world is to leave it a better place than when he arrived. If the films I make can contribute to that, then I've been successful, and he truly has.

Wait until you see what Conrad has done with this film. It took him a few years to complete this, and he was inspired by some truly amazing people.

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Conrad WeaverProfile Photo

Conrad Weaver

Film Director

Conrad Weaver is an Award-winning producer and President and owner of Conjostudios, LLC, a video production company based in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Conrad received a Mid-America Regional EMMY® Award for his 2014 documentary feature, the Great American Wheat Harvest (2014). His second feature length documentary film, Thirsty Land (2016) was completed in early 2016 and is currently available on Amazon Prime. The award-winning documentary, Heroin’s Grip (2018) is Conrad’s third feature length documentary. Conrad has produced and directed a number of short documentary films, including “The Bluebirds of Antietam” which recently won a Silver TELLY Award and a Bronze TELLY Award for cinematography.

In addition to winning a regional EMMY Award, Conrad’s films have received awards from Television and Internet Video Association (TIVA-DC), The National Association of Agriculture Broadcasters (NAMA), and a variety of film festival awards. Conrad is a seasoned pro known for his compelling cinematography and a passion for telling stories that matter. “Telling stories that matter is so much more fulfilling than stories that only entertain. My responsibility in the world, is to leave it a better place than when I arrived. If the films I produce can play a role in that, then I’ve been successful.”