Episode #30: Genuine Love For Everybody With Guest Maddison Lund

I had my daughter Maddison Lund as my guest for this episode. We had an amazing talk, it was very emotional and I learned so much from her and about her. Unfortunately, all but a 10 minute time frame of the audio was lost. After many, many hours of searching for the rest of the audio, I had no luck. I still felt like what I found needed to be heard by others. Maddison is a powerful soul. In this audio clip, she talks about social media and the addiction that most of our world has with it currently. She talks about overcoming her addiction of social media and gaining back her freedom. She also goes into some detail of genuine, honest love. And how we all need to love our children, families, and even strangers, more deeply. She talks about pride and how it isn't worth losing love for pride. She talks about how we need to tell the people we love, more. We need to tell them we love them even if we think they know. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to have Maddison on the podcast. Everyone can benefit to hear this audio clip.

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