Episode #45: Do Your Job- Carney Strong

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Lillian Carney is the President and Executive Director for the Carney Strong Initiative. She
joined the non-profit organization in 2018 to honor the memory of her husband, Battalion Chief Josh Carney, who lost his battle with firefighter cancer after 25 years in the fire service. Carney Strong is making a difference in smaller fire departments across the country by providing decontamination supplies and educational resources, at no cost to the department.
Lillian is an outspoken advocate of firefighter cancer prevention and preparedness. Though she does express the need for improving fire ground protocols around decontamination, Lillian focuses her time sharing the lessons learned and hard truths from personal experience. She is hopeful that the straightforward approach of sharing their cancer journey will drive dialogue and preparedness for both the firefighter and their families, protecting them from experiencing similar loss.

Topics Of Discussion
Early Detection/Proactive Approach VS Waiting for the Time to Call the Doctor – I avoid the would have, could have, should have game, but it still needs to be addressed. Our outcome may have been different if we were proactive.
Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Affects EVERY everything -From the moment the words are spoken, everything changes, from the firefighter to the caregiver, to friends and family. Everything is affected –who will drive the kids to school and soccer, who drives the FF to treatment, who cuts the grass. The FF not wanting to be left alone just in case he needs help now alters the caregiver’s freedom with even a simple trip to the grocery store, etc.
Presumptive Cancer Laws - South Carolina – In 2017 (and still today) SC doesn’t any laws in place so Josh’s death in not considered LODD. I started working with other organizations in the state to formulate the SC Firefighter Cancer Coalition. We wrote the bill and worked with state legislature. Fingers crossed on the budget passing, July 1, 2021 the SC Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan Act No 168 will be official.
Choices Made While You’re Alive, Prepare Your Family for Life After Death – from life insurance, to family photos, to having a last will and testament, to attending the daddy/daughter dance.

Carney Strong Contact Information
Website: www.carneystrong.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CarneyStrong
Twitter: www.twitter.com/StrongCarney
Instagram: www.instagram.com/carneystronginitiative
Email: Info@CarneyStrong.org

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