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AK Dozanti

First Responder Wellness Specialist

AK Dozanti is a First Responder Wellness Coach & Specialist who actively works towards giving first responders a way to manage chronic stress and mitigate the effects of working in a trauma-rich environment. She is a former Deputy Sheriff as well as Criminal Court Victim Advocate who, after her own burnout became a yoga instructor and wellness coach. AK provides a unique perspective and skillset to address the many mental health issues plaguing first responders.

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Why It's Critical To Rewire Your Brain- AK with Life Saver Wellness

June 28, 2022

In this episode with my very special guest AK Dozanti, we will learn about life saving wellness, and she's gonna talk about things of like rewiring your brain, making those neuro pathways that maybe have been, non-existent k…

Guest: AK Dozanti