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I'm a former firefighter turned real estate agent & investor. My business partner and I run 2 companies together. One is our retail real estate business working with buyers and sellers and the other focuses on real estate investment opportunities.

Both my business partner and I are former first responders. We spent a combined 15 years in the fire service learning the values of teamwork, sacrifice and service to others. We've been able to translate those life lessons into business success outside of the first responder sphere.

We're passionate believers in principles such as The 1% Better Rule, Service Before Self, Going the Extra Mile and The Power of Proximity. Within our organization, we insist on an uncompromising culture of accountability. From our experience, these are the same exact principles that provide guidance to a fire department, a platoon & a crew. We've seen it work magic in the first responder world and it's allowed our businesses to flourish, even during uncertain economic times.

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Building Wealth: First Responders to Financial Freedom- Alec Evans & Lewis Weaver

Jan. 6, 2022

In this episode, we're going to talk about something a little bit different that wears on your mental health and physical health, and probably after the first of the year, you've possibly been thinking about a lot, and that'…

Guest: Alec Evans