Bridget Truxillo

CEO, Founder

Law enforcement officers who are overwhelmed and frustrated are able to leverage Bridget’s 30 years of wellness, leadership, law enforcement and legal training for a blueprint on how to easily feel more comfort, ease and support for increased balance and joy in life. Bridget is passionate about helping law enforcement officers discover the ability to find happiness on a daily basis, no matter what the environment is, or circumstances are, surrounding them. She is an attorney and former Deputy Sheriff (SWAT and undercover narcotics), and the founder and CEO of Protective Wellness.

October 06, 2021

Why You Need Tactical Wellness & Legal Training- Bridget Truxillo

In this podcast episode with Bridget Truxillo, we talked about her program called Protective Wellness which offers tactical training wellness and legal advices from attorneys. This effective program is strengthen by her experience as Deputy Sheriff and as attorney. Bridget also emphasized the three pillars of physical, mental and spiritual health - Stimulation, Nutrition and Rest.

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