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Dawn Reeby

High-Performance Coach and Wellness Strategist

Keynote Speaker | Certified Trainer | Subject Matter Expert | Best-Selling Author | Private Coach 👉 Transforming service-based & emergency response leaders into balanced, highly productive, & HAPPY professionals!

Hi, I'm Dawn Reeby, Founder and CEO of Excellence in Analytics (EIA) and a I am a CEO-OF-YOUR-LIFE coach! I inspire service-based professionals to accomplish their work mission with precision and ease AND finally live a life of health, happiness, fulfillment, and joy! With 22+ years of expertise in building certified proactive strategies, I know what it takes to create excellence in a service career. And as a certified health coach with personal triumphs, I also know what it is like to overcome adrenal fatigue and other health challenges in a holistic and well way. I deeply believe that we CAN HAVE IT ALL and am determined to show others in service-based industry how to live lives they absolutely love!!!

I've enjoyed working with hundreds of analysts worldwide as a subject matter expert, best practices designer, and instructor for IADLEST, IACA, NHTSA, IACP, TXDOT, and other federal think tanks. Through these contracts, I've flown around the country building analytical capacity in agencies. I've designed and instructed in-person and virtual strategy and technical training. I ran the first mastermind solely for Law Enforcement Analysts and created the first analyst library. I've also been a Keynote speaker at many Law Enforcement and analyst-centric conferences.

Out of all these experiences, my heart is happiest and most fulfilled working one-on-one with leaders, supervisors, and analysts to build their confidence and skills, develop roadmaps for their success, and let them know they are bigger than data; as human beings, they have value and a right to finding joy in their lives and work. I strive to help them attain work-life integration that brings excellence to all areas of their lives because I believe we deserve more.

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Guest: Dawn Reeby
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Jan. 27, 2022

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