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Jennifer Boileau

Founder of Jennifer Boileau Mindfulness Coaching

Jenn is a civilian certified in trauma informed yoga, tactical breath work and is a fully certified iRest meditation teacher - a practice researched through the Department of Defense at Walter Reed Medical Center that focuses on supporting the first responder/veteran/law enforcement community through non-pharmaceutical, research based modalities. As a LEO spouse for 22 years to her now retired Sr Sgt/SWAT operator husband, she knows the rigors of the job and how it affects the officer over time - as well as the family. By teaching you how to harness the power of your breath, your brain, and your body, you will develop a skillset that you can access for life. Through practice, you can expect to have a lessening of PTSD symptoms, better sleep, greater heart rate variability, and more ease in your life.

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Resilience For First Responders- Jennifer Boileau

Oct. 25, 2022

Jennifer is an educator with a B.S in Education with an emphasis in special education, and she has taken that teaching background and shifted her focus to teaching practices of resilience as a Trauma-Centered Yoga Teacher, C…