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My name is Sachin Latti. I am a law enforcement officer and have been working as such for 18 years.

Most of my life I have struggled with my mental health. Once the pandemic kicked in my mental health took a dive for the worse.

While I was in the struggle I had to find away to claw myself out of the darkness.

I started to RUN. I hadn't ran since high school, I am 44 now. Through running and connecting with like minded people I have found my purpose and my authentic self.

I am leaving my job and will train full time to break the record for the fastest run across Canada. I am doing it to raise awareness and money for veterans and first responders with PTSD/Occupational Stress Injuries.

Last year I started my running journey (under 12 months I trained myself) and ran 100km in under 15 hours and raised $21k for the BC Yukon/Legion.

I was featured on Global news by Rumina Daya (anchor).

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Why Is An LEO Running Across Canada- Sach Latti

Nov. 1, 2022

Sachin Latti is the heart of Sachinmotion. With a growing team of supporters around him, his goal is to raise money and awareness for veterans & first responders in need of help as they heal from PTSD & mental health illness…

Guest: Sachin Latti