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Samuel Boyer-Groff

Flight Paramedic

The creator and owner of PrepMedic, Sam Boyer-Groff is a critical care flight paramedic and a member of a special operations response team in northern Colorado which attaches medics to two high call volume SWAT teams, SAR, and dive rescue. He has over a decade of EMS experience and spent several years as a sworn law enforcement officer, SWAT entry team member, and lead SWAT medic in central Iowa. Sam holds a BS in Emergency Management and teaches ACLS, PALS, AMLS, PHTLS, Stop the Bleed, and BLS.

Sam brings medical insight, preparedness, and the best-related gear reviews to the world through YouTube and social media. He uses his experience as a critical care flight paramedic, reserve deputy sheriff, and tactical medic to help first responders and civilians alike implement evidence-based medical care, select gear, and gain insight into EMS and law enforcement.

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It's Okay Not To Have Mental Health Challenges -Samuel Boyer-Groff

Jan. 24, 2023

Sam Groff is the founder and owner of PrepMedic. It's a critical care flight medic and a Northern Colorado special operations response team member that attaches medics to high call volume SWAT teams. Sam shares a wealth of o…