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...my Denver Firefighter husband began using my proven sleep techniques to recover after busy nights. After seeing a drastic improvement in all of his vitals, and noticeable spike in his overall wellness and energy levels, we decided it was important to share these techniques with a larger audience of first responders. We incorporated these techniques and my knowledge from the 10 plus years of working in the health and wellness field and rolled it into what is now called The First Responder Sleep Recovery Program.

After many years practicing yoga and living a life of wellness, Jacqueline developed a new perspective on what it means to be alive and well after being nearly killed by a drunk driver days after Christmas in 2005. Through the humbling healing of a traumatic brain injury and painful spinal cord injury, Jacqueline became enveloped in the spirit of sharing the healing capacity of yoga and other forms of wellness with the world!

Jacqueline holds multiple Yoga Alliance certifications. She has her BA from Regis University, completed masters-level coursework in Education at Metropolitan State University and trained in Nutrition Therapy. Jacqueline has been sharing yoga and wellness with the world since teaching her first class in 2004.

Jacqueline currently lives with her firefighter husband and their rescue dog in beautiful Colorado.

Sean is a second-generation firefighter proudly serving the Denver Fire Department in Colorado and a volunteer with Clear Creek County Fire. Since joining the fire service in 2011, Sean has utilized his academic degrees in Fire and Emergency Service Administration and English Education to bridge a commitment between the craft he loves and educational arenas applied within the fire service. In addition to his work as a firefighter, Sean has instructed fire science for the Community College of Aurora, Colorado FireWomen, and the Annual Colorado Firefighters Conference. He is contributing author to the online publication Station Pride. He says, “I am honored to co-teach the First Responder Sleep Recovery Program™ alongside my wife Jacqueline in our joint effort to support the health and wellness of those in the fire service.”

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First Responder Sleep Recovery

Aug. 18, 2021

In this episode, we discuss.. How First Responder Sleep Recovery started (1:40) “ Sean, how did how did she inspire you to like move forward to create this, this company in on this get on this journey of helping first respon…