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Stephen McIntosh

I am a Sailor in the US Navy. I have 20 years of service and in the process of retiring this year. I am a plumber and welder in the Navy, currently teaching self awareness and ethical behaviors to Sailors. I am originally from Mass and now a resident of New Hampshire. I am married and we have a 13 (soon 14) year old daughter and a 10 (soon 11) son. I have been stationed in Perl Harbor, Groton, CT, Iraq (one tour), Yokosuka, Japan, and Bremerton, WA. I am now stationed in Virginia Beach and my wife and kids are living in New Hampshire. I enjoy BBQ'ing and woodworking.

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20 Years In The Navy & The Toll It Takes On Your Family- Stephen McIntosh

March 9, 2022

In this episode, we we have Stephen McIntosh. He's spent 20 years in the Navy and most of that time away from his family. Listen to his perspective on how it takes a toll on his family for being gone so long. But what specia…