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One of Must Listen To Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts. But there's only a few that I never miss an episode and Enduring The Badge is one of those!

Enduring the Badge Interviews RoGO Fire

This podcast experience was great! The host, Jerry, asks insightful questions of the guest and gets the true story out of his guest while throwing in humor and keeping the pace of the show alive. Jerry is obviously passionate about First Responders' work, and this clearly shows through on his podcasts.

Like talking to a friend

Very professional and well done, I really enjoyed it and the interactive dialogue we had. The pace, respect shown to me and appreciation from the host made me very comfortable to share my story, thank you for presenting first responders in a positive light.

Totally amazing podcast!

Learn a lot from this show not just about First Responders but also in the other aspects of life. This is truly a wonderful channel. Please keep on going so you can inspire more people! I would love to hear and watch more episodes. Kudos!

Fantastic model for interviewing

Jerry has a great model for his interviews. He carries the interview professionally and is easy to talk to. He brings the most out of the interview and all of the interviews are beneficial to not only first responders, but families of first responders and the general population.

Outstanding Podcast from an Excellent Host

Jerry clearly had a passion for first responders and the challenges they face. The depth and breadth of his guests and subjects is a testament to this. Worthwhile podcast - you won’t be disappointed!!

New Listener

New to podcasts, I enjoyed my time with Jerry!

Relevant and Worth the Listen

I recently listened to my first episode of this podcast show. As a retired law enforcement officer I found the guests and discussions to be relevant, thought provoking, and easy going. What I liked most is the positivity as there is enough negative out there these days. Good job and keep doing what you’re doing.