May 3, 2022

What Is The Best Medicine For Your Mental Health- Cliff Walker

What Is The Best Medicine For Your Mental Health- Cliff Walker

In this episode, we will have a conversation with Cliff Walker, a Gulf War Veteran serving six years with the United States Navy and a retired civilian Federal Firefighter/ Paramedic with the United States Navy, serving for 23 years. Cliff is also the CEO and Founder of the USS Battle Series. It is a functional fitness competition that would bring a new level of awareness in terms of health, fitness, and mental well-being for our Military and First Responders and those in the local communities that support these brave men and women in uniform.

In this episode, we will have a conversation with Cliff Walker, a Gulf War Veteran serving six years with the United States Navy and a retired civilian Federal Firefighter/ Paramedic with the United States Navy, serving for 23 years. Cliff is also the CEO and Founder of the USS Battle Series. It is a functional fitness competition that would bring a new level of awareness in terms of health, fitness, and mental well-being for our Military and First Responders and those in the local communities that support these brave men and women in uniform.

In this episode, we can learn the following:
👉The importance of having a vision board;
👉How to stay balanced in everything you do;
👉How to constantly adjust your work mode to family mode;
👉Fitness competition on historical warships by USS Battle Series;
👉The importance of physical activities to mental health;
👉and many more!


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I'm doing good brother. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Yeah, it's great to reconnect. It's been a few years since we've been able to get connected and you've progressed in some different areas of your life. So we're going to talk about your journey today from where you been to where you are now. But first, I'm going to start with a new thing. I'm gonna say, tell me something about yourself in the way your dad would tell it about you.

When my dad would tell it

Or your mom, or your mom or your mom,

My dad would just call me a knucklehead. Kick me outside and tell me to go make myself useful man. No, man, you know, just he would say, you know, never give up and you know, believe in something that's worth believing in and do things for all the right reasons.

Yeah. That seems right up your alley there. He must have did a good job.

Hi. Yeah, yeah, the lumps and bumps but we got there, man. So that's what dads as before, right to not necessarily there to be our friends but to lead us in the right direction. And that's, that's, that's our purpose. Right?

So sure, sure. And you're a dad.

Yes. I tell the same story. I'm not here to be a friend, man. I'm here to to guide you leaves you and get you to where you need to be. And you know, we could be friends later, man. You get that man. Yeah, I love having fun with them and doing things but I'm not trying to be Mr. Popular.

You know? Yeah. Trying to raise good humans.

Talking to humans, man. That's it. We got too many knuckleheads out there, dude. So yeah, that's my, that's, that's our main focus man is being a husband, or whatever, being a wife and, and handling business that at home and then on the home front, and then kind of going out and, and taking care of everything else. You know, I got a little, little thing I wrote on my vision board, maths, it's a it's a circle, that's, that's my world. It's a world. And, you know, it's it's a family of family, friends and, and, and self, you know, so take care of those take care of those things. And you're all right.

How and Why to Make Your Own Vision Board | Vision board diy, Making a vision  board, Vision board examples
Yeah, I have a vision board to it's in my bathroom, when I'm brushing my teeth. I'm looking at my vision board,

That's dope. So that's a good spot to have.

A lot of people don't have them. I'm a firm believer, you gotta like, when it comes to getting the things you want out of life, you got to do these all five year senses, you know, you have to see it, smell it, feel it, taste it, all those things, to just get you into getting what you want, like looking for it searching for it. And that's how it comes to you.

I I believe that too man. You got to you got to have multiple, multiple ways just like you know, mind, body and spirit. Right, it takes you know, I believe those three to kind of get you through whatever it is you get through wherever you're going. You gotta tune into, to each and every one of them. 

Yeah, definitely. Definitely. You get that's where the whole balance comes in. And always talk about balanced, balanced balance. And, you know, it's a it's difficult to stay balanced all the time. But if you use those principles, it's easier to stay balanced.

Your Happiness Lies in the Balance

That definitely is again as as you know, sure you've you've used before train with the with the credits or whoever you know, smooth as smooth as fast right? So you've got a race down there and I get it man we all have a lot going on and we want to get there you know, you see it on the freeway, especially out here in Cali man people just racing and go like, do ra Gotta get there man. Some people don't man that but those are the choices they make and you know I get a little road rage every now and then man. And you know I think right now we learned that but it was Jocko yeah Jacko we listen and I love I love his Motivational Minute Sam and the other others like you, man and you know he was saying something someone asked him like, what do what do you do and you're confronted or this happens and he's just like, let it go. Let it Yeah, and yeah, he's like maybe they got somebody they gotta beat maybe they got somebody to do it got some they got to do you don't you don't know that man is really gonna really gonna affect you man to catch you off a you know, you're all right. Because Because your situational awareness man since you do. So. You know, but but unless they directly impacting your family, or yourself. Let it go. Yeah, that's bad. It's really worked for me, like, you know, even after all these years, you know, I could still be taught I guess.

Yeah, yeah. I think first responders are sometimes caught up. I know myself, you know, being kind of like the moral police. I'm like, you know, what the hell is this person doing? Why are they acting this way? Why are they driving this way? Like, they're not getting anywhere and you fast are not doing you know, in Utah right now, the big thing is like, I stopped science, lights, emergency vehicles, that doesn't mean shit. Everybody's out for themselves, because they have to be somewhere. Apparently, way quicker than you do. Because their life is way more important than way more important than your life. So then I get like, then I get like, you get a little rage then I'm like, I have this back away. Like you know, maybe you're having a bad day. Maybe they're something's going on but yes,

That work for me though. Man. I so anybody out there, man. Just just, you know. It's always good to hear you know, you know this, but it's always good to hear somewhere else and honestly, really change especially out here in Cali. But it could be anywhere. You know, I'm sure you talk to me pretty bad. You know, me and me and Mama. We were just on a road trip on the way to Colorado Springs. So man, great country, brother. I gotta go spend some time out there. Yeah, hang out, hang out with you, man and do some cool shit. But anyways, man, I, I really got to change my outlook, especially out here. It's every day. So you know, just kind of keep it in perspective. And, and then, you know, get it out on on on, you know, in the gym or get it out on the mat. I've been doing a lot got back into rolling some jujitsu. So that's always a good place to not have you not aggressive but just, you know, just kind of staying in motion and stay in motion. Staying fluid is key and then there's times when you know you're you're you are going at it but not you know, 

In a angrily way,

An angry way. It's yeah, it's like working out, man. You know, it's a good, a good way to relieve the stress and everything. But

Yeah, yeah, for sure. Let's dive down a little bit into your career that you had and then let's build up from there and tell people where you're at. So what'd you do? What'd you do for work?

What I do for work, man, well join that join the Navy 18 Back in the days. They shipped me out to Hawaii, or Hawaii, as we'd say and did did a couple of tours there did sea duty and out of sea duty re-enlisted After the Gulf War and went when some dirty detail sent me to Lachlan got policed up and but still keeping my rate which was damaged the tour I'm sorry, my rate was MLS was damage control support firefighter, which eventually led to to what we'll talk about next year, the career after that. Yeah, like, did that shore duty and working at Naval Naval Weapons stations throughout the island, which I ended up back at this is crazy. But yeah, so I did that and then did a stint as a lifeguard and then ended up with federal fire in Hawaii and then soon transferred to well soon but then eventually transferred to to the mainland. Back back home. Yeah, California. So


May be an image of one or more people and outdoors

Soif you bounce around in the some places and did some things.

Yeah, man, I did some real cool shit. And then when I got back to the mainland, you know, I was looking to go operations again and was I got a call from Vandenberg. First one is to give me a call not exactly where I wanted to be, but close enough I figured I could transfer Are to Ventura Camp Pendleton, San Diego, I eventually ended up Seal Beach, right, or I retired out of. And then it wasn't for what, you know, something I dealt with a little bit, but not too much in islands, but wildland fires. So I was on the only only federal fire, there's federal US Forest Service, but federal fire hotshot unit. So, you know, did not know what that was about, but soon found out real quick, went through the academy there. And one of the best things I've ever done man just saw, you'll see more fire, you know, on a hotshot team in the forest, and you'll see in any, any structural, you know, anywhere. So that was, that was cool shit, and then read through a forest service magazine saw these guys jumping out of airplanes, and I'm like, hey, that's some cool shit, you know. And turns out, you had to have three years as a type one before you can apply. So they want to make sure you have that experience. But with military background, they shave off two years, leaving you with only one year, which is what I had. So I applied to a couple of units on I wish I would have applied other places but you applied just California so that in Oregon, so Redman in the reading smokejumper unit reading called me first, I found myself the next year 2001 jumping out of reading, but not for national season it unfortunately. I got a well, fortunately, but unfortunately, I've made a deal with Mom and I kept true, whether it be day one or day, done, you know, whatever, I'll get us back on the floor where the money's at, man. And so I kept doing that promise, and I'm getting about 19 jumps. And before the season really kicked off, you know, upset a lot of people because I put a lot of time and I earned it, you know, but we lost a lot of good people, I'm sure but if they were any better than they would have been jumping, you know, so just like they got me right. You got a good people, but are you got enough to do the work. So that was unfortunate. That was unfortunate, but opportunity to work alongside some of these guys, at least in the training capacity, getting the jumps out and ready to go. And then Pendleton says Listen, man, call me on a Friday. You're not here by Monday. You don't have a job. So called up mama. She said, Yeah, she goes, you know? Yeah, nothing bad stuff. So, you know, ended up at Pendleton. And that was, you know, the start of my federal fire on the mainland. You know, so,

Yeah, yeah. Been there, done that in some different things that some unique experiences. So how, how do you constantly adjusted, you know, or when you were doing those different things? How are you constantly adjusting, you know, you and your family? And like kind of just like, How'd you go after that? What was your mindset?


Can there be a balance between work life and family life? - Adept Equipment  Services

Yeah, well, so the cool thing is about the in, you know, this, the fire service police farm or whatnot, it's a pair of paramilitary organization, right? So, having come from the military after, you know, six plus years you know, I was well immersed in that culture, brotherhood sisterhood. And so it was an easy transition and it was the most likely right because a lot of us coming out were kind of lost and you know, where do we find that that tight group community that that rush right so yeah, for me, it was it was fighting fire. It was lifeguarding some heavy surf it was jumping out of airplanes, it was fight wildland fires, climbing trees you know, so you know, eventually medics will permanent school and so so that way it was an easy transition it fit it it it seemed that the right path and something I wanted to do and I continue doing that along the way. You know fitness is what got me through gavage do the job through fire lifeguarding each and every one of these fire fire department itself you know, there's other other levels are very physically and mentally demanding. So having use those skills that I learned I was able to continue to excel and and move forward. And, you know, fitness as I as I say He has always been my mental medicine. So a lot of people don't know this about me, but they know that gulf war veteran, veteran, but they're learning that also, I'm a disabled veteran, 100% Disabled Veteran. So my Oh, look at you, you're, you're fit you, you you run ultra marathons. You said, Guinness World Records you, you do this? Oh, my God, that's great. That's great. Yeah, you know, but great way I'm able to get through is, you know, I use it as, as my medicine, you know, not so big on what the VA wants to do. And that's, you know, stick these meds down our throat and shoot us up and stuff. And so I figure, you know, put myself in some uncomfortable situations is what does it does it for me, you know, being on the mat. You know, I follow up, you know, practitioners, right? With jujitsu. So yeah, man, the mental medicine, right? And that's what's gotten me through. And then I said, Well, hey, man, if it works for me, why wouldn't it work for for others? So, back in 2016? I formed kettlebells and alarm bells. But you probably remember Yeah, right. I think I believe you guys either partook or some shirts, or we were working on something. Yeah, yeah. kettlebells that alarm bells, 911 throwdown. And this, this took place on board the flight deck of the USS Midway. And from there, you know, the next year, I believe it was next year, the year after the USS Battle Series informed me to the USS Battle Series, we want to encompass everybody, for all first responders, all military organizations. And then you know, we went to the Bastrop, Texas, the Iowa we we planted and then you know, COVID hit and kind of threw everybody throw for a loop. But it's through fitness. And you know, keeping this mental mindset we were able to get through these times. And keep our head above water. And so we were going to do our rebranding if you will, on the Hornet. And did you know things weren't ready to release their grip on on on society? So here we are 22 things will open back up people. Most people will pull their head out of their ass. But for those that haven't you know, it probably never will. So yeah,

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's, it's been it should have been a learning experience for everybody in the world of the last few years about on so many levels on so many I don't need more even the you know, to start on the on levels. That's a whole probably another podcast that we could do on [whole series]. Yeah, whole series whole definitely a whole series. So you're talking about your your physical activity you're keeping fit and stuff like that being your mental medicine and stuff like that. Does that does that serve other people like you said you said like you're trying to get it out there to like you think that'll serve other people?

I think no doubt I think it already is they're kind of doing it on their own or trying to figure it out. So hey, man, here's this this this platform this this flight deck this foundation if you will, where you get to surround yourself with others just like you with with with other stories just like yours. So you know we were hoped that these these warriors will be able to have these lifelong friendships and relationships like we have in the in the combat challenge or the fire service or military and so here's a place where we get to come together and just kind of release the stress bring our families out and we're going to be having our first ever battle buddies competition for the for the kids so they now set up just watch them mom and dad they get to come out there and and throw down also and and which is important because our kids are the future right? So we set that foundation we teach them right we were talking earlier. I'm here I'm out I'm here to teach you man you don't gotta like it. You don't need to have either way. And so we show by example right how we eat how we treat people how we act. So what better way then to come out on this historical we'll talk about that a little bit historical warships and you know in the open air right God's guys medicine right and yeah, we just have a good just a good time and get a little a little sweat, you know, and breathe a little heavy and it gives get to see this and enjoy this as well too. So it's really all for one fun competition man that we hope that we'll continue on. We've been compared already to Spartan in CrossFit and in Tough Mudder and all that, but we don't we we appreciate we love what they do. And we're not trying to reinvent the wheel man, we're just, you know, we're just doing our own thing. And, you know, as long as we all serve the same purpose, that's a good thing, right?

Yeah. So to be a little more clear for the audience, you're, you're putting on a fitness competition on these historical warships that are around the country basically,

Exact West Coast, East Coast Coast. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

So what why is that important to you? 

So, you know, right now is as we see, you know, every you know, you know, every day man trying to try to rewrite history, and we're trying to take that out of the out of the out of the classrooms and inject their own bullshit agenda, man, and we're just not having it. So, you know, I feel it's my duty man, as an American, as someone who's fought for this country, who's somebody who's you know, served now on the homefront. You know, to tell tell the story, and and there's a lot of them out there. So we've heard about something we haven't heard about. So we need to continually hear about why. The reason why I have, you know, the memorials that we have these days, isn't that you know, a 911 Right, we don't want to forget these things. Manda you know, right now going over for see, we don't hear anything more anything about Afghanistan, when I hear anything about the tragedies there when I really think about, you know, they want us forget about so many other things that have happened and, and you know, they'll create the next big smoke screen, right? Well, we'll fuck that. You know, so, the Battle Series is more than just fitness, fun togetherness. It's a history lesson, man. And, you know, so So, some cool things are coming down the pipe, man, we're hoping maybe maybe there's a series, someone you know, who's listening, want to get with me, but we're trying to get this out there. And I don't watch a lot of TV, but I'll tell you what, man if I saw a series on every week or whatever, that showed some, you know, these these horrific, you know, these these battles man and these people and, and then the people now and the lifes and what they're doing and how this helping them and then adding also, you know, the adaptive athletes into this as well, too, that don't have enough, you know, these fitness events for them. So, you know, seems like a lot, but it really isn't, man. And you and I, you know, you know, just like a lot of people listening here know, that, you know, is the military first responder, we deal with a lot of mass conflict type situations and the unknown. And we're used to, you know, span of control and, and, you know, put all that into perspective, but just, you know, being able to, to have a clearer vision of what's going on and, and direct direct these things and having the team because this is a team concept, right? You know, that everybody just does their job and, and helps to see this be successful for everybody else. Because it really is about everybody. You know, it's way beyond me, man.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, these these projects generally are right there. They're more they're about serving serving others and stuff like that. And in surely it's a super big job to do to do by herself. But so these people are going to go to these warships and get a history lesson about warships and then they're also going to be able to compete so on a physical challenge on top of these ships to with their family and friends being able to watch them to do this.

That's right and it's not you know, less this is not CrossFit. So everybody out there is not CrossFit, right hey, just give me yeah, we're functional fitness, the military and the first as first responders. We have to be able to report back to duty man and I got nothing you know, passive across the cross was great. I got my start. But but you know, it just it just that in order to do our job We have to be able to do things that are like minded and job related. So you'll see a lot of events, a lot of things on on the battle series that are job related, whether it be equipment we're wearing, pushing, pulling, hitting, you know, you don't have to be this super strong individual, and you be able to have to be able to be strong and fluid. So these are team events. So you come on, you're the strong guy, make sure you have somebody on your team that, that that quick guy that that, you know, we're again, you're able to work together and such is the fireground on the, you know, working out on the street. You know, on the battlefield, man, you're, you're only as good as that, you know, your weakest link. So you got to pick each other up and, and get through this together. So we're, that's why this is, you know, we'll be will be very familiar to these men and women. During this competition. It's things they've seen before things they're used to doing, working as a team, not individually.

Yeah, yeah, I really liked that. I mean, it's great to do individual sports, you know, I'm good at some of them. A lot of them I'm not good at I just, you know, I love team sports, because then I can kind of, you know, find my niche where I'm good and have somebody make up for maybe some areas, I'm not so good. But I think I think a really important thing about this series is the people that would take place in the series, everybody's got a story, especially at first responders have stories, I mean, I don't know too many of them that have been in the military or please fire, you know, or whatever. They've had just like a plain Jane life. And it's just been smooth sailing and everything. And no challenges and nothing. And right. And some of these adaptive athletes have got, you know, incredible challenges, or, you know, just mental physical challenge that overcomes I think the also the power behind doing this series is, is the stories that are going to come out? Yeah, yeah,


What is CrossFit? And is it right for you? Here's what you need to know

I can't wait, dude, I can't, I can't wait. It's always evolving. And that's gonna be the part where I'm really going to enjoy. That's why I will find a way regardless. whether, you know, we get together a regular basis, or maybe we have some type of podcast where we're able to tell the stories, or the network comes on board, but I feel like I have not been doing this. This competition, justice, but again, you know, it's okay. It's okay, as long as we learn and we move forward and evolve. But but but repetitively doing, what does that say something about doing this? You know, same mistake

Has been done. Same thing over and over. The Yeah, basically, yeah, you're gonna get crazy, right? You're, you're being crazy. But hey, you know, Cliff are taking imperfect action, right? It's you're taking action. Like, yes. Very seldom does anybody have all the information and take action, and very seldom, someone has all the information to take perfect action. So, you know, you're getting out there, you're you're getting after it. Bringing these people together, bringing a little bit of history together, not only bringing, you know, bringing first responders together, the family is like this is a this is something that you'd want a family like to travel to as a family.

Yeah, yeah. All these communities, Jerry there, whether it be Hawaii, or New York, or Corpus Christi, in this case, Patriots Point. South Carolina. I mean, I learned about these places when I go there, I've heard about Miami. But now I get to visit him see him spend more time, but they're truly a place where their vacation destination locations, as we say, so you get so much more out of just I mean, if there's not enough going into the ship that you can spend all day and still not even get literally goes but all week, they're just on the ship. But anyways, you get your dose, you get in you know, enjoy it for the day, stay the next day, maybe or come the day before, and then go out into the community and help to support the community through you know, the hotels, the food, you're supporting a community and you're you're making it a vacation. So it's it's truly something that these events, when people sign up, are are really, you know, make a decision to you know, do a two for one, if you will, man by purpose. So you're competing, you're you're vacationing you're exploring. There's so much to be to be done here with these events instead of just a one or done. It's a more whole time, it's truly a whole week that you could spend here at these these locations. You know, so we're, we're excited about that, that every one of these chips, you know, we just talked to the CEO, President of you know, out Jacksonville, Florida they got to shift now to a destroyer I believe so I didn't even I didn't know this man that I mean, this this stuff has been in the work for eight years, can you imagine like him complaining about or whatever, maybe I'm feeling bad for myself because it's taking a while to really get where I want. But eight years I mean, I can only imagine you're you're taking a warship and you turn into a museum because that's what these are. These are all right. They're all nonprofits. So that's where we're trying to help and help these these nonprofits same time, you know, we're a business and we're telling the story and helping out wherever, when, however we can, and help them along the way too. So they appreciate that and give me a call. And you know, maybe we get something going out there at the end of the year or the next year, but the the overall plan is every month, kind of like a challenge, right? Another Spartan every month, there's enough of these shifts where we can do this, and then eventually move on to, you know, having a pros in a job section to where, you know, heavy heavy hitters, competitors could come out to these events, and they all have a huge following. So that brings more attention to what we're doing and our cars giving back. Right. Yeah. And, you know, it, it, we're able to give them what they want. Maybe they earn their living doing these, like they do on some ideas or competitions. But at the same time, they're helping to promote the Battle Series, even though that was their attention. Who cares? They're doing it pretty cool that you know, on the back in virtually on the brand side, yeah. Yeah. And, and that's fine with us, man. And that's fine. And but but yeah, man, it's so cool to think about, you know, this is something that really, really could could be around for for a minute. And, and all the fun and exciting things we get, we get to do. You know, and working with you and doing what you do, man is, is incredible. And, and you guys have a huge purpose out there and allowing us to come on and share that man, we really appreciate that a lot.

Yeah, yeah, of course. I mean, this is what the podcast is all about, right? All this all these things fit together. You know, there's first responders at different businesses and different nonprofits and these goals and dreams and these goals and dreams have come through their own trials, and then seeing what is helped them and offering up their services or trying to build something like yourself in you know, it's like the the battle series to help others to pull others together to build a community to find your tribe, you know, and then it's like, it's awesome. Awesome to see that. And it's an anybody that's ever done anything like this, even at the remote, lowest, like fundraising level for the department or something. Yeah, and at that level is so hard and time consuming. Like it consumes your life, your life.

I'm telling you, so that's crazy. You brought that up, right? So, you know, you've heard that like Bounders are known and my retirement you like, it's it's that people might like the bouncers all banquets have this big, you know, team, whatever, but we really don't we're working at that. But I'm, it's probably mostly my fault. And that's that a lot of people come on, they're gonna do things, they don't do it, you got to cut, you got to come loose man. And if you know, we're, we're, we're at this height. And you're, you know, you're consistently down here. You know, you got it, you got to let go and just go man, you got it, you got it, you got it, you got to keep up. Especially when we're, we're promoting who it is we're promoting, and why we're doing it. Those are the those are the warriors that we need with a Battle series. So if you think you, anybody out there could add to the Battle Series or want to be a part of it. You know, it's up at us about a and check us out, see if this is for you and come out compete or be you know, be a part of the part of the team and

There's you got to have team members behind the scenes.

We have to you man we got we're pretty fortunate. You know, we every time we pull in, we're able to collect a lot of volunteers that want to come out, you know, obviously we throw them some swag, some shirts and And swag and get them set up. And it's just good fun, you know, time. So that's always either local fire station that recruits or police from the military, there's always plenty of people that want to help out, which is great, especially when you're talking about the you know, the individuals that we deal with, they definitely want to be around around those, those people, either they, their family members of those people, or they just respect those, those people, when it first got started, we were just strictly military and first responders. And then we kind of morphed into, like, you know, we kept on getting these knocks, you know, like, hey, we want to be a part of this not just volunteer or whatever, like, okay, it makes sense, you know, and it helps the cause and they have family members or their husbands or wife's or, you know, and they want to do so we do the CO Ed, you know, that's kind of a cool thing. You know, and people could could join up and participate with with the Battle Series, man, and, you know, so And on that note, before I forget, we talked earlier about I think we met because of the your shirts. Yeah, these real badass just looking shirts, man. So I think we need to bring that bring that back with the collab with the battle series, and yeah, and you guys, man.

Build something. Yeah, definitely. Definitely could do that. Cliff. What is the hardest thing about doing this getting this together to be successful?

You know, what the, is just just those those down days do there's those days where everybody has a man, he's just, like, nothing's working out and nothing's coming together. Why don't people see the vision? Why don't people see the picture that I've painted man? You know, I could sit there the most heroic, horrific scene, you could imagine, late at night, and have to what we, you know, paint that picture to that person that's on the other end of the radio that that has to have that picture painted perfectly in order to get that patient the attention you know, that what they're going to need? Right? So when you get to the hospital or whatnot, so this isn't bad, but it's it's I think, I do predict dropping a pitcher but it's just some people don't get it or they don't want to get it or the never get it man. So it's days like that you got to you really got to dig deep and and and have your why and your why man and and it has to be you know, it's definitely got to be bigger than bigger than you are why do this man unless your egos just that big and want to see your name up in fucking lights? Yeah, and there's people that that do that man, but you're, I'm, I'm good with that damn good, just just chillin and doing my thing. But I enjoy doing this for for, you know, all the right reasons. And I'm, you know, talking to you talking to others, like you give me my motivation. So, you know, if I call up Charleston, and I'm trying to find a hotel, and I called up nine, and they've all like, you know, want me to block a room and like, I don't have that money, you know, like, this is what we're doing and don't you see what I'm saying? And they're all about the money and I get their business but but you know, Throw me a bone man, but it's that at 10th call. Like, the other day, that's going to do it. Okay, now I'm back on man, I'm back on, people are seeing the vision and whatnot. So the story really happened. This is a real story and telling you it's so it's all real. And and, you know, I know, it's probably gonna be that last minute that last, you know, the second the last minute, the last hour is going to come down to that big major sponsors. So we, during COVID lost our big sponsor and, and they had their issues and now we're, we're looking for somebody that gets it that understands it and wants to things for the right reasons. So we're you know, we guess we're looking for for that because, you know, this needs the story needs to be told. So that's where we're at. But yeah, man, that's, that's that's what I do. I did from like thought because I did from that cookie jar that feels uncomfortable moments that you you were able to get through whatever it is. You know, everybody has a up there, there might be little to some has, you know, big brothers little brothers. Right. But vice versa. Yeah. Yeah. Well for those moments and and that's what we do to to keep moving forward, you know? Yeah. And yeah,

We can totally, totally understand that cliff, where can people find you and support you at?

Oh, well, thank you for asking brother, we will go to,, you want to hit us up email, But yeah, go to the website, you'll, you'll have all the information, it's contact numbers, emails, and kind of see where we've been and where we're going. There's a section on there. The strictly for the history of the ships. So you click on the link, and it brings you back over to their website. And you can learn about the community. The ships, so if you're planning to go to one of these ships, one of these competitions, you truly have everything you need at your disposal to plan your trip out accordingly.

Very cool. Very cool. Are you on social media?

We are on social media. Thank you for asking. So Facebook USS Battle Series go to Instagram. It's ussbattleseries not Twitter right now. What else is out there, Man? We're LinkedIn. [Tiktok]. You know what I gotta I gotta get I know

I did. I can't get myself. Again. I need to I need to.

Well, we will. So yeah, tick tock right now, Facebook has about a series and Instagram is about a series look for us there and then our website, use about a And just just help us to help others man, Rita, we'd appreciate that. And, you know, you want to get a hold of me anytime. I'm not hard to get a hold of man. And add some guy just just you know, I like cold calls. I like cold calling people like going old school. I like talking and sharing whatever it is, you know, we have whatever needs you need. If you also want to compete like this one individual did is active duty, which by the way, active duty is free. First Responders half and civilians full. So you know 150 To join up 75 responders, and then free 99 Zero for first responders. And this guy doesn't have a teammate. So we're looking at having a pool, where people don't have teammates, we match them up. We've done this before we had a young lady in Canada, young lady in Hawaii, too bad badass CrossFitters man they killed it, of course, came out do what they did, and crushed it man and got a fat check. Got it, got a medal got a bunch of swag, and good time. So if you're somebody who doesn't have a teammate, don't worry, sign up, we'll get you one or just contact us we'll put you on hold, we'll contact with somebody. And what we're trying to do is get maybe he was military, so maybe get a civilian team up with a hero. Right? So we're looking at maybe doing that, you know, like and then and then that is something we could use maybe to raise funds for nonprofits so that that kind of got me thinking like hey, let's let's just have a category where if you don't have somebody or you just want to compete alongside a first responder, military member go ahead and do that we'll set you up and then we'll pick a you know a nonprofit or charity that you could donate to so we like that

Cool right? Yeah. Well awesome cliff there really appreciate you taking the time out today and sharing your story and you know about the Battle Series. I'm looking forward to see what's coming you know, I would love to put that out there on my my calendar and shoot for that so hopefully maybe we could do some live podcasts from that at some point.

That would be sick and then I share with you earlier want to share with with your guests out there that Oh, yeah. Firefighter challenge known as the firefighter combat challenge now known as the firefighter challenge. 30 year run business, it took the physical agility test turned it into a competition. It's what we do, right, you know, put us against each other and we're gonna turn into competition. So we've joined forces they will be You're on deck Saturday, which is one one for the Battle series. One One is the tandem event. And then the next day you will do 1213. And then the hero one is the Charleston nine. Those of you don't know the Charleston nine firefighters that lost their life in the warehouse fire years back Charleston Fire Department, you can look that up the history big. We got to add that to our website as well too. But so will be if you if you are able to make it through to the finals, you will be doing the Charleston nine. All the ones have been posted on our website. They're up there except for one, one. And that's one three. And we're doing something with that right now. So standby, but one one firefighter challenge want to check it out. Why three soon to be released, and one for the hero WOD is to Charleston nine.

Awesome, awesome. Thanks, Cliff. Really appreciate your time today for being on.

Thank you, brother. Thank you for letting us share our story. Great reconnecting.

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Cliff WalkerProfile Photo

Cliff Walker

CEO/ President

Cliff is Gulf War Veteran serving 6 years in the United States Navy and retired civilian Federal Firefighter/ Paramedic with the United States Navy, serving for 23 years.
When Cliff decided to create USS BATTLE SERIES, he hoped to form a functional fitness competition that would bring a new level of awareness in terms of health, fitness, and mental well-being for our Military and First Responders and those in the local communities that support these brave men and women in uniform.

Cliff looks forward to hosting challenging events in some of the most incredible locations through out the country.