August 18, 2021

First Responder Sleep Recovery

In this episode, we discuss.. How First Responder Sleep Recovery started (1:40) “ Sean, how did how did she inspire you to like move forward to create this, this company in on this get on this journey of helping first respond...

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June 16, 2021

Eliminator Fire Extinguisher Is A Life Saver

The Rusoh Eliminator is the First complete redesign of the Fire Extinguisher in over 65 Years. The Rusoh® Eliminator® fire extinguisher is designed for self-service. It eliminates the need for the specially trained and equipp...

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March 10, 2021

A Different Type of First Responder with Forest Service P.I.O. Sierra Hellstrom

This episode great mix of the work done behind the scenes of wildland firefighting and the role and responsibility of a Forest Service Contracting Officer and Public Information Officer. Sierra has some great tips about fire safety in the forest and how each one of us can help take care of our public lands, Sierra has been with the Forest Service for 17 years. Her current position with the agency is Contracting Officer. She began working for the Forest Service in high school (work release) and all through college. While obtaining her college education, she worked various positions in the Forest Service including Public Affairs, Fire Prevention Officer, Fire Education (Smokey Bear education), Forest Visitor Center Supervisor, Nature Camp Director, and Fire Contracting Officer. She earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Utah in 2010 and began working permanently as a Fire Contracting Officer. Early in her career, she obtained her qualifications as a wildland firefighter, and currently works on wildfires across the country as a Public Information Officer. Follow her on fires at:

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February 27, 2021

Dr Paul Gavoni, Author of the book 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership

With more than 20 years in human services and public education, Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni has effectively transferred research to practice through the application of evidenced-based strategies aimed at bringing out the best in...

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February 11, 2021

Life of Service- L.A. County Firefighter Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams is a Firefighter in Los Angeles who created the "Williams Key", a bypass tool for doors. He has a background as an international missionary and commercial carpenter. He shares his amazing story about being in Haiti in 2010 for the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. The skills and knowledge he learned from the LA County explore program made him a valuable asset to the community during the early days of the disaster.

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February 04, 2021

Overcoming Obstacles and the Importance of having a Purpose in Life

Earl Granville served nine years in the Army National Guard as an infantryman, with deployments to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. On his final tour, he lost his left leg above the knee to a roadside bomb while on patrol. His t...

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January 27, 2021

Extreme Passion For First Responder's Health & Wellness With Tonya Herbert

Tonya is the President of Responder Wipes and Florida PPE Services. Many years ago, while working for an architectural firm that specialized in designing public safety facilities, she became passionate about improving the hea...

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January 16, 2021

Resiliency and perspective in life and tragedy- Patrick O'Neill

My name is Patrick O'Neill and I am 40 years old. I have been married for close to 10 years to my wife Julie and have two children, Makena 7 and Harrison 5. I am a Captain Paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department and have...

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January 09, 2021

Genuine Love for Everybody... with guest Maddison Lund

I had my daughter Maddison Lund as my guest for this episode. We had an amazing talk, it was very emotional and I learned so much from her and about her. Unfortunately, all but a 10 minute time frame of the audio was lost. ...

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December 22, 2020

Eric Petrowski On How Military Service Can Prepare You For Life

Guest Eric Petrowski discusses why enlisting in the military service changed his life. He goes into detail about working in the Army drone program and what that looked like while being deployed in Afghanistan. His time in the...

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December 10, 2020

911 Dispatcher Stacy Shotwell discusses what it's take to be a new dispatcher.

Stacy Shotwell has lived in the Nashville area since 1998. She is currently in training for 911 Dispatcher at her local police department. Previously, she was an Operations Manager for 15 years at a non profit organization, M...

Documentary Society & Culture Law Enforcement

November 26, 2020

Former Police Officer & Awarding Wining Author Donna Brown

Donna Brown spent 26 years with the Tallahassee (FL) PD and retired in 2006 as a sergeant. She received the department's award for bravery and the Inagural Commander and Chiefs Award. She graduated from Florida State Universi...

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November 19, 2020

Proud Police Wife & Author Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca is a police wife of 13 years, writer, author and influencer. She also has a Master’s in Education and is a former Kindergarten teacher. Rebecca Lynn is the owner of Proud Police Wife, a website dedicated to providing ...

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November 11, 2020

Wildland Firefighter Micah Booze & Founder Of The A.S.S. Movement

Micah Booze has been fighting wildland fires for 15 years all over the U.S. and for the past five years he has been working as an assistant captain on a suppression module in Alaska where he lives with his family. He is a fir...

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November 05, 2020

Founder of 911der Women, Sara Weston

Sara Weston is a Senior Project Consultant for 911 Authority, LLC where she works with states and the National 911 Program to aid in the transition to Next Generation 911 technology. She is the founder of 911der Women, Inc. ...

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