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November 05, 2020

Founder of 911der Women, Sara Weston

Sara Weston is a Senior Project Consultant for 911 Authority, LLC where she works with states and the National 911 Program to aid in the transition to Next Generation 911 technology. She is the founder of 911der Women, Inc. ...

Society & Culture Documentary First Responders Resilience

October 29, 2020

Inspiring story of immigrating to the US and becoming a Fire Captain.

Jenna was born and raised in Brazil and moved to the US in 2004. She shares her story of growing up in Brazil and how she was taught to never give up and to give everything her all. She is a police wife and a Fire Captain i...

Society & Culture Documentary Firefighter Emergency Medicine Leadership

September 11, 2020

Firefighter Paul Clarke, The CEO Of Fire Grounds Coffee

Hear from the CEO Paul Clarke on what makes Fire Grounds Coffee more that a coffee company and why they have teamed up with a non profit foundation called Next Rung. Paul tells his personal story about struggles with mental h...

Society & Culture Documentary Firefighter First Responders

August 21, 2020

A Veteran Police Officer's Transition Story

My guest Mia Barron's goal in life is to inspire others. She is a helper at heart which made it only natural to pursue the career of a Police Officer at the age of 21. She is now a mother of twins, a former Police Officer for...

Society & Culture Documentary Law Enforcement

July 28, 2020

Technology that saves time and saves lives by Rapid Response Co.

This bonus episode is on technology that helps save time and save lives. Rapid Response Co. is a company that has developed a software for firefighters to find their hydrants before arrival on scene and that is just one featu...

Firefighter Documentary First Responders

July 12, 2020

4th Generation Firefighter & Fitness Instructor Ian Palmer

Ian Palmer is a 4th generation firefighter and works at the Ridge Culver Fire Department in Irondequoit, New York. He also is an Air Force Veteran with two deployments to the Middle East. Ian had a wake up call about his phys...

Documentary Firefighter First Responders Society & Culture

June 18, 2020

100 lbs. weight loss journey by Firefighter/Paramedic Brooke Ames.

Firefighter/Paramedic Brooke Ames from Wisconsin is a rookie firefighter who came from the corporate world where she worked as a project manager for a Fortune 200 company. She spent 5 years as a volunteer firefighter and EMT ...

Society & Culture Documentary Emergency Medicine Firefighter First Responders

May 28, 2020

Fire Captain Jeremy Sanders on Crew 1st Culture

Fire Captain Jeremy Sanders talks about how he turned his frustrations into creating a culture where everyone can succeed. The Crew 1st Culture comes from a passion for creating a Fire House environment like he's never been a...

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