August 18, 2021

First Responder Sleep Recovery

In this episode, we discuss.. How First Responder Sleep Recovery started (1:40) “ Sean, how did how did she inspire you to like move forward to create this, this company in on this get on this journey of helping first respond...

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August 11, 2021

Disabled Military Veteran To Entrepreneur

In this episode, we discuss.. Justin’s military life and when did he realized that he wanted to excel other than military service. (1:35) Justin’s job in Intel and starting up his first ever computer repair business (5:03) Ho...

First Responders Mindset Military Veteran

May 27, 2021

Overcoming Alcohol Abuse In The Military- Mike Ech

After 8 years in the US Air Force as an active duty enlisted member, He made it my sole mission to expose listeners to the realities of the military when you sign the dotted line. Mike has a podcast called Ech is Sketch podcast. Not only brings you a funny take on military culture but also reveals the harsh truth on how the military can permanently impact your life. He has some great insight on how not to fall into the trap of alcohol abuse while going through hard times and be careful about who you surround yourself with.   Facebook: Instagram: @echissketch Podcast website: TikTok: @echissketchpod Your host Jerry D. Lund can be reached at 801-376-7124 or email at or voice message use the icon microphone at Please feel free to give my information to anyone that might be feeling down or anyone you would like to be on the podcast. Please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review wherever you listen to your podcast.  If you like the podcast please share it and join the online community at

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February 27, 2021

Dr Paul Gavoni, Author of the book 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership

With more than 20 years in human services and public education, Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni has effectively transferred research to practice through the application of evidenced-based strategies aimed at bringing out the best in...

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February 04, 2021

Overcoming Obstacles and the Importance of having a Purpose in Life

Earl Granville served nine years in the Army National Guard as an infantryman, with deployments to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. On his final tour, he lost his left leg above the knee to a roadside bomb while on patrol. His t...

Documentary Emergency Medicine Firefighter First Responders Law Enforcement Military Mindset Society & Culture

January 16, 2021

Resiliency and perspective in life and tragedy- Patrick O'Neill

My name is Patrick O'Neill and I am 40 years old. I have been married for close to 10 years to my wife Julie and have two children, Makena 7 and Harrison 5. I am a Captain Paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department and have...

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January 09, 2021

Genuine Love for Everybody... with guest Maddison Lund

I had my daughter Maddison Lund as my guest for this episode. We had an amazing talk, it was very emotional and I learned so much from her and about her. Unfortunately, all but a 10 minute time frame of the audio was lost. ...

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January 01, 2021

20 Years Of Service In The Air Force Taught Gary Lund How To Serve Those Above & Below Him

Gary Lund share's his story about showing up in another state to go to college with no job, $400 in his pocket and a strong faith in Jesus Christ. He joined the Air Force ROTC program that took him from feeling "small" to fin...

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